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All American Muslim. Good or Bad?

December 7, 2011

WELL. I just found my new favorite show on TLC! Can anybody guess? It’s “All American Muslim”!!! I think this is a wonderful idea. Don’t you? Imagine! There are actually Muslims who don’t hate Americans! What a novel idea.

The show is about an American Muslim family being just that, an American family. The show follows five Mulism American families living in the largest Muslim community in America, Dearborn, Michigan. The show is an obvious attempt at showing Muslims in a good light. This is good because we too often hear about the bad things that those bad Muslims to, when in reality the Muslims who do these bad things are on the fringes of Muslim society, the equivalent to those backwood rednecks, here in America, who still believe in segregation and that races shouldn’t mix.

This show is an obvious attempt at the destruction of that old world mindset that traps people in the now and hinders them from true progression. However, there are those critics already making dumbass remarks about the show. Some say this is bad because it shows Muslims who are obviously harmless and not committed to Jihad.

The critics are also claiming that it is not showing the Muslims who are devout  and only showing moderate Muslims. What are they getting at here? That all devout Muslims hate Americans. I know Muslim women, who are my friends but they won’t shake my hand and I have no problem with this because this is apart of their religion, its not that they refuse to do this because I’m American. The critics complain because it shows the Muslims who don’t want to cause harm to us. But the fact that there exist Muslims that do not want to cause harm to us is a good thing. What do they want? A show that shows Muslims who hate Americans? This isn’t FoxNews. Not all Muslims hate Americans! Get a clue foo!!!

This is enough ranting for one night. Adios Amigos


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  1. Vanessa permalink

    I agree with you. This is my new favorite show too!! When I fist saw the previews I did not think much of it, but once I watched the show, I became hooked. I enjoy watching it because they explain some of the religious background and the reasons for their lifestyle. So far, my favorite episode is the one where one of the couples goes to a country music concert and everyone around them is surprised at the fact that they are muslim. I always look forward to the next show.

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