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Car Saleman Wins $7.5 million

December 6, 2011

I recently read a few stories online about a car dealer, Shawn Esfahani, living in Florida who just won a law suit in which he was awarded 7.5 million because a competing car dealer was telling people that Esfahani was from Iraq and funneling money to terrorist. The fact is that Esfahani is actually Iranian, not Iraqi, and he fled Iran in 1980 after the Islamic Revolution. To me, a history major with an interest in the Middle East, this is laughable and extremely unsettling at the same time. The reason I find this laughable is because if you new anything about the Islamic Revolution and the fact that Esfahani fled Iran after the Revolution you would know how stupid this mans claim was. Lets get a few facts straight. Numero Uno: The Islamic Revolution was a hardline Islamist movement. Once the Islamist won, extreme measures were taken to mold Iranian society in ways view acceptable by those on the hard right. Numero Dos: Most terrorist organizations are extreme fundamentalist. The fact that this man fled his home country because of the Revolution is proof enough that this man would never support such organizations. No fool leaves his home country and then decides to support the same radical thinking that forced him to flee his country! DUH!!!!! Now lets talk about why this is extremely troubling. This kind of bullshit is the doing nothing more than to create a false sense of hysteria. This is straight out racist! Why do ignorant Americans revert to this racist tendency of the past? Why are we so damn scared? Why do we think that every Muslim is a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism? People come to this country for a reason! Because they want to better their lives. So why do we think that they are intent on destroying the fabric of American society? Its this type of backwards thinking that starts race wars! Beware of the blind man leading the way. He can do nothing but lead you astray. Think for yourself my friends and develop your opinions from personal experience.


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