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No Liberals or Muslims Allowed

December 6, 2011

I don’t know what it is BUT lately i have been in a good mood. So when I hear about ignorant rednecks being racist bigots, I just laugh whereas I would have been mad in the past. Now i just laugh. I read a story about a good ole Texas boy in some small, “white bread” town , (his words, not mine) about 100 miles from Austin. This man from “white bread” town owns a gun store or whatever, where he teaches gun safety to gun owners, that is unless your, get ready for this one: a “socialist liberal and/or voted for the current campaigner-in-chief, please do not take this class” or a “non-Christian Arab or Muslim, I will not teach you this class. Once again, with no shame, I am Crockett Keller.” I then went on to read the comments and people can be so ignorant in the comments that it makes me laugh. And being as bored and angered as I was i probably commented on about 6 different peoples comments. Some people went as far as to say the guy has the right to refuse service to anyone. To which i reminded them of the civil rights movement. Some other people claimed that Christians would never do such a thing as murder innocent people. To which i reminded them of the Crusades. Others claimed that Muslims murdered Jews and Christians and that Jews and Christians would never do these things. To which i reminded them of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt, the same Exodus were God commanded the Jews to kill every living thing in the Holy Land, man, women, child and all animals. I do not have anything against Jews or Christians but i do wish people would get a clue about the history of their own religion before making baseless claims about others. Aye Daos Mio!!!


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