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F#@K Rick Womick

November 24, 2011

Fuck Rick Womick, and I can say that with a smile. Why? Because this low level “Sean Hannity” has been speaking his spook talk for too long awhile. I don’t mean to come off as hateful but reading this hate filled article listening to Earl Sweatshirt has me coming and gunning for heads. I can label these warped words coming from warped minds as nothing more than back wood hillbilly brain farts. Only a person with no knowledge of the constitution would mistake his sad life lies as legitimate discourse. He wants to scare Americans to the far right when he says that Shariah Law is coming to America. That kind of venom spiting generalizes an entire segment of the American population and makes future encounters between Muslim Americans and non-Muslim Americans seemingly awkward and testy. I silently pray some embarrassing moment comes his way. Maybe in the form of a shart at some big televised southern racist conference on the sanctity of marriage between a man and his 4 child brides. The point of this story is to proclaim Rick Womick anti-American in his wish to purge the military of Muslims. He wants to withhold the right for Americans to serve openly in the Military, that is openly proclaim their religious beliefs. He wishes to stunt democracy. He believes in suppress the freedoms of a few to protect the legitimacy of the crazed thoughts of a few. I hope Rick Womick has a slip in fall in his towns city square Walmart.


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