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All American Muslim. Good or Bad?

WELL. I just found my new favorite show on TLC! Can anybody guess? It’s “All American Muslim”!!! I think this is a wonderful idea. Don’t you? Imagine! There are actually Muslims who don’t hate Americans! What a novel idea.

The show is about an American Muslim family being just that, an American family. The show follows five Mulism American families living in the largest Muslim community in America, Dearborn, Michigan. The show is an obvious attempt at showing Muslims in a good light. This is good because we too often hear about the bad things that those bad Muslims to, when in reality the Muslims who do these bad things are on the fringes of Muslim society, the equivalent to those backwood rednecks, here in America, who still believe in segregation and that races shouldn’t mix.

This show is an obvious attempt at the destruction of that old world mindset that traps people in the now and hinders them from true progression. However, there are those critics already making dumbass remarks about the show. Some say this is bad because it shows Muslims who are obviously harmless and not committed to Jihad.

The critics are also claiming that it is not showing the Muslims who are devout ¬†and only showing moderate Muslims. What are they getting at here? That all devout Muslims hate Americans. I know Muslim women, who are my friends but they won’t shake my hand and I have no problem with this because this is apart of their religion, its not that they refuse to do this because I’m American. The critics complain because it shows the Muslims who don’t want to cause harm to us. But the fact that there exist Muslims that do not want to cause harm to us is a good thing. What do they want? A show that shows Muslims who hate Americans? This isn’t FoxNews. Not all Muslims hate Americans! Get a clue foo!!!

This is enough ranting for one night. Adios Amigos


Halal, Kosher or Secular…How do you want your burger?

Could you go for a Halal MacDonalds Big Mac? How about some Halal KFC? To me it doesn’t really matter. If I was a strict Muslim I could go for either of those, but I’m not. There are however many fast food chains that are now beginning to serve Halal food, which is great in my opinion. This is American! This is Capitalism at work, at its finest! However there are a few crazies out there who find this morally offensive and outrageous! Why because some business owner is just trying to CAPITALIZE on a market? If this offends you then stay the hell out of the store but if you just don’t give a fuck, go right on in and grab you a bite, you probably wont be able to tell the difference. Here’s a little secret, the meat taste the same and if you eat it you wont turn into a Muslim. Here’s a thought! Do people complain about eating kosher food? Probably not because Jews aren’t the enemy, at least not now. But I’m sure 80 years ago people would have had a fit at eating Kosher foods. The thing that people need to remember is that this country has had its quarrels with every religion except Christianity. Soon all this hysteria will pass and hopefully we will all look back at this and laugh as we share a halal burger with a side of fries with kosher salt! hahaha i know im laughing as i eat this kabob sprinkled with kosher salt.

No Liberals or Muslims Allowed

I don’t know what it is BUT lately i have been in a good mood. So when I hear about ignorant rednecks being racist bigots, I just laugh whereas I would have been mad in the past. Now i just laugh. I read a story about a good ole Texas boy in some small, “white bread” town , (his words, not mine) about 100 miles from Austin. This man from “white bread” town owns a gun store or whatever, where he teaches gun safety to gun owners, that is unless your, get ready for this one: a “socialist liberal and/or voted for the current campaigner-in-chief, please do not take this class” or a “non-Christian Arab or Muslim, I will not teach you this class. Once again, with no shame, I am Crockett Keller.” I then went on to read the comments and people can be so ignorant in the comments that it makes me laugh. And being as bored and angered as I was i probably commented on about 6 different peoples comments. Some people went as far as to say the guy has the right to refuse service to anyone. To which i reminded them of the civil rights movement. Some other people claimed that Christians would never do such a thing as murder innocent people. To which i reminded them of the Crusades. Others claimed that Muslims murdered Jews and Christians and that Jews and Christians would never do these things. To which i reminded them of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt, the same Exodus were God commanded the Jews to kill every living thing in the Holy Land, man, women, child and all animals. I do not have anything against Jews or Christians but i do wish people would get a clue about the history of their own religion before making baseless claims about others. Aye Daos Mio!!!

Car Saleman Wins $7.5 million

I recently read a few stories online about a car dealer, Shawn Esfahani, living in Florida who just won a law suit in which he was awarded 7.5 million because a competing car dealer was telling people that Esfahani was from Iraq and funneling money to terrorist. The fact is that Esfahani is actually Iranian, not Iraqi, and he fled Iran in 1980 after the Islamic Revolution. To me, a history major with an interest in the Middle East, this is laughable and extremely unsettling at the same time. The reason I find this laughable is because if you new anything about the Islamic Revolution and the fact that Esfahani fled Iran after the Revolution you would know how stupid this mans claim was. Lets get a few facts straight. Numero Uno: The Islamic Revolution was a hardline Islamist movement. Once the Islamist won, extreme measures were taken to mold Iranian society in ways view acceptable by those on the hard right. Numero Dos: Most terrorist organizations are extreme fundamentalist. The fact that this man fled his home country because of the Revolution is proof enough that this man would never support such organizations. No fool leaves his home country and then decides to support the same radical thinking that forced him to flee his country! DUH!!!!! Now lets talk about why this is extremely troubling. This kind of bullshit is the doing nothing more than to create a false sense of hysteria. This is straight out racist! Why do ignorant Americans revert to this racist tendency of the past? Why are we so damn scared? Why do we think that every Muslim is a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism? People come to this country for a reason! Because they want to better their lives. So why do we think that they are intent on destroying the fabric of American society? Its this type of backwards thinking that starts race wars! Beware of the blind man leading the way. He can do nothing but lead you astray. Think for yourself my friends and develop your opinions from personal experience.

F#@K Rick Womick

Fuck Rick Womick, and I can say that with a smile. Why? Because this low level “Sean Hannity” has been speaking his spook talk for too long awhile. I don’t mean to come off as hateful but reading this hate filled article listening to Earl Sweatshirt has me coming and gunning for heads. I can label these warped words coming from warped minds as nothing more than back wood hillbilly brain farts. Only a person with no knowledge of the constitution would mistake his sad life lies as legitimate discourse. He wants to scare Americans to the far right when he says that Shariah Law is coming to America. That kind of venom spiting generalizes an entire segment of the American population and makes future encounters between Muslim Americans and non-Muslim Americans seemingly awkward and testy. I silently pray some embarrassing moment comes his way. Maybe in the form of a shart at some big televised southern racist conference on the sanctity of marriage between a man and his 4 child brides. The point of this story is to proclaim Rick Womick anti-American in his wish to purge the military of Muslims. He wants to withhold the right for Americans to serve openly in the Military, that is openly proclaim their religious beliefs. He wishes to stunt democracy. He believes in suppress the freedoms of a few to protect the legitimacy of the crazed thoughts of a few. I hope Rick Womick has a slip in fall in his towns city square Walmart.

Go to Mosque, Get Spied On

Did you know that Terrorist go to mosque all the time and give charitable donations? Say whhaaaaaattt? In video obtained by Danger Room ( earlier this month, details about the supposedly defunct FBI Counter-terrorism project were made public. In the video, FBI Intelligence analyst William Gawthrop, is shown giving a lecture to agents. In this lecture he is describing the best action that agents can take in combating the war on terrorism: “…go after Islam itself.” He instructs, as he aims his laser pointer at the words “Holy Text” and “Clerics”, his agents to focus on “these”. In other documents provided to Danger Room by whistle blowers, the materials passed out at these FBI trainings attempt to group devout Muslims with radical Muslims. The materials attempt to describe the actions of these “would be terrorist” as “Devout”, relabeling them as the most violent and trying to excuse pillars of Islamic faith as mechanisms of war. The materials go on to describe charitable contributions made by Muslims, which constitute a pillar of Islamic faith, as funding for extremism. The materials described the actions of most moderate Muslims as not being fringe but as the shared mainstream views of the whole of American Muslims.

These practices will do nothing to better our relations with the Muslim-American community. What they will do is further alienate an already alienated segment of our population by validating their suspicions, which are that they are being spied on by government intelligence agencies. Not only does this validate their suspicions, but the very characteristics and practices identified label any “mosque-going” Muslim a potential “threat”, who will be subject to further scrutiny and/or intrigue. What ever happened to investigating people with a violent past or those who have rich histories of stockpiling arms? I really try to avoid throwing up the “race card” but when such vague terminology is so carelessly used, any logical person will be hard pressed to find a suitable excuse. This is a modern-day “Witch Hunt” with elements that mirror the “Red Scare” of the early Cold War. I can’t understand how the “Intelligence” community believes these tactics to be the best? How can harassment ease a relationship? Why do we wish to further incite animosity? Is there another country that needs some savin’?

Things like this make me wonder what the Arab world thinks about Westerners, and in particular Americans. Do they see us all as nosy Christian puppeteers determined to influence every nation in the world? Hopefully their government officials have enough sense to understand that not all Americans are Crusading Christians with their sites on the Mid-East. I am reminded of President George “Dub-ya” Bush’s remarks in 2001 that the “War on Terror” was a “crusade” against evil. A “crusade”, really? And now we blanket the entire Muslim-American community with loose, vague terminology? How responsible we can be! Lets tap into deep seated sentiments and then generalize. Sounds like a recipe for more acts of violence which will surely be followed by security enhancing legislation that is meant to keep us freer, with that “ever watching eye” over our shoulders. Stirring the melting pot never seemed so fun…..

American Islamaphobia

This blog is dedicated to covering the latest news in American Islamaphobia. This blog will cover every form of Islamaphobia from protesting the use of Halal food in American restaurants, the building of Mosque to the attempted passage of anti-Muslim legislation from the local to the Federal level. With this blog I hope to reveal the true level of the hysteria of past decade and attempted to show the parallels of Islamaphobia and the Red Scare of the 50’s.